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At infinite Resources our mission is to create supportive environments for individuals who require behavioral, educational and social understanding. To support and guide with straight-forward, effective and balanced strategies. To work as a team with family

Why It Works

Infinite Resources Inc. strives to help create strategies when working with behavior and/or learning challenged individuals. We have had the opportunity to speak at teacher's conventions, as well as many professional development days, IRlnc, has created learning packages for speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists for Ballerina Dreams, teachers, daycares, head start programs and parents. Our resources and behavioral strategies are designed around the learning strengths and needs of the individual. IRlnc. develops strategies that engage the individual or classroom in their educational and social adventures.


This is (my child’s) third Gym Buddies and I couldn't be more pleased with the way it has been going. The changes my husband and I have seen in (my child) are life-changing. He has become more aware of his peers, his anxiety is lower, and he takes part in more activities. Amazing is what comes to mind when I see you all working with (my child). It takes an exceptional person to be able to challenge (my child), to believe that he can succeed. It is enough to make a mother cry. When I drop (my child) off on Saturday mornings there is truly a sense of calm in me. I know he will be with the most caring people, who will push him to be a part of this life. Please continue giving him the tools to succeed!


The team of staff is doing a FANTASTIC job!! It cannot be easy, but they (you) do seem to love what they do. I think the program/organization is fantastic and I keep referring it to everyone I know who has a child with needs. I finally feel comfortable leaving my child at a program, and not stressing that he will be kicked out, or that I will get a frantic call. It actually brings tears to my eyes, as I think of all the struggles (my child) has had, and how he feels accepted there. Keep up the good work!!! Thanks :)


The type of support that Infinite Resources can offer in any type of child focused environment is fantastic. They took the time to observe the child and staff interaction and were able to offer several strategies to work with as well as model the strategy with the student for staff to see the strategies in action!

Daycare Staff

To all of the AMAZING STAFF at Infinite Resources Inc., I cannot THANK YOU enough for the INCREDIBLE Summer of GROWTH you provided for (my children)! The 5 weeks of your Peer Interactions camp was INVALUABLE for both me and them!! You stretched them each day, while supporting them to succeed! What YOU DO is CHANGE kids’ LIVES! I am FOREVER grateful for what YOU do!


"Sheila Chisholm has done an exceptional job preparing materials for Family Linkages Foundation of Alberta's Speech-Language Pathologists."

Shane Hewitt, M. Ed

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