Are You Ready? Starter Kit

Are you ready for the “right” strategies?

Become more effective with visual aids, the Are you ready? kit is an awesome start to your “bag of tricks.”

The Kit Contains:

2 Visual Cue Strips: Reminding children with a picture, what rules are expected of them in the classroom while listening at their desk, or during circle time

1 ring of cues: assorted cues to remind children the rules to follow at school, use with a wrist ring (bankers bracelet) to make it portable

Stop, Think, Act: OT favorite visual to remind children of the steps to take before acting out a task

Voice Volume: A cute activity to remind students what type of voice to use in a particular environment

Foot Fidget: Place around a desk or chair and the students can make use of the band for busy feet!

Tangle: Our favorite tool to keep distracting hands busy!

Farmer Freddie

Are you ready to giggle? This favorite circle to centre time book combines the familiar tune Old Mac Donald with fun new animals and sounds, music and a movement break! Spice up your circle time while working on

EARLY LITERACY: pre-reading, word recognition, sight words, sentence structure, nouns, vocabulary CATEGORIES: pets vs. livestock, SAME/DIFFERENT: which are the same and which are different? Which two belong together, why? INITIAL LETTER SOUNDS: /f/, /m/”

COMMENTING: “I see...”, “I hear...”, “ I smell...” VOCABULARY: associating words with pictures, developing vocabulary for the late developer or an ELL students

Who Does It Belong To?

A cute story using kid friendly activities and language to help with pronoun practice. Lots of manipulatives and ways to extend the difficulty level.


EARLY LITERACY: pre-reading, vocabulary building, word recognition, sight words, sentence structure, predictable patterns, repetitive phrases

WHO QUESTIONS: “Who” questions PRONOUNS: practice using “he/she/they” and possessive pronouns “his/her/their”

VERBS: verb+ing words i.e. walking, blowing, flying

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